Home again!

After ten days driving around Sweden, and beeing together with our lovely daughter Emilia, we are home again! I love going away and I really love coming back home!!! I think I am a "home-person" after all... :)

I write in english today since I've now become friends on Facebook with my mother in law's cousin Rod in America! We met a few years ago when they visited Sweden and I really enjoyed seeing them!!!

Today is quiet humid and warm (not as in Florida Rod, but warm anyway) but we still had a lot of work to do outside. Ulf has washed all three cars and I have cut the lawn and watered the plants outside. Some of them didn't really enjoy life anymore...

Goodbye my dear! I'm going to the plant-sale tomorrow... :)

But happily we can now eat our first sugar-snaps in todays sallad!

I'm no gardener but now I am proud!!!

And for dessert we will have blueberrypie!

From the garden! We love this and my husband makes a lovely one!

Now I have to start making dinner; salmon with fresh potatoes, sallad and lemon sauce... I'm happy! And I hope you are too! :)


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